Description of this region

The Eckernförder Bucht offers many possibilities for excursions and sightseeing on land and coming in from the sea is easy by day and night. For guest berths there are several harbours available and for fixed berths the region offers an easily accessible starting port and home port with active sailing clubs. 

Eckernförde Bojenfeld
Anchor near Eckernförde (Borby)
Eckernförde Hafeneinfahrt
Foto near Eckernförde (Borby)
NV Verlag / NV Charts
Business near Eckernförde
Eckernförde Yachthafen SCE
Marina near Eckernförde (Borby)
Yachtsport Eckernförde Nielsen
Boat Repair & Marine Equipment near Eckernförde (Borby)
Restaurant near Eckernförde (Borby)
Eckernförder Molenfeuer
Lighthouse near Eckernförde (Borby)
Navinfo near Surendorf
Navinfo near Altenhof
Navinfo near Jellenbek
Yachtsport Eckernförde Nielsen GmbH & Co. KG
Marina near Eckernförde (Borby)
Hagebaucentrum Siemsen
Marine Equipment near Eckernförde (Borby)
Jaich Yachthafen
Marina near Eckernförde (Borby)
Eckernförde Binnenhafen
Marina near Eckernförde (Borby)
Marine Equipment near Eckernförde